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What is e-learning?

L2 provides learning facilities for:

  • disabled people
  • people living far from centres of studies or frequently changing their places of residence
  • people, who lack time for learning languages in the traditional way i.e. professionally active people, people raising children or frequently travelling

Direct benefits of e-learning:
Individual course of studies
Each student can individually choose his level. He has the possibility of revising issues he is less familiar with and omitting those he knows well.
Independence of time
You are free to choose when and how long you want to study. This allows you to work at your individual pace spending more time on issues which you find more difficult. When learning the traditional way the pace of learning is imposed by the teacher.
Wide range and accessibility of learning materials
The students can use materials to which they would otherwise have no access at home or at work.
An effective way of acquiring and remembering new information
The hypertext and multimedia structure employed in electronic trainings allows the participant to acquire more information and remember more details than during a traditional training.
Uniform transfer
Each student is provided with the same set of materials and presenting them is dependant neither on the teacher's mood nor on the group level.