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What you will learn with us?
General language
Business language
Specialist language

    English For Banking and Finance

An ideal option for people working in finances, accountants and people dealing with banking services, statistics, analysis and data presentation.

    English For Law

It is a legal English course. It will undoubtedly be of interest to attorneys, notaries, legal advisers and judges as well as persons drawing up agreements in the English language.

    English For Trade

During this course the listeners learn the vocabulary related to the trade industry. It is suitable for all those dealing with sales, purchase or manufacture of goods.

    English For IT

It is an English course covering the issues related to the IT sector. The course covers communication systems, networks, databases, security, multimedia.  

    English For Medicine

“English for Medicine” is an English language course for people in the medical sector (doctors, nurses). Enables acquiring of English medical terminology and improving English communication skills in the working environment.

    Presentations in English

The training is designed for persons who need to develop presentation skills to be used in their professional life. It is an ideal preparation for professional presentations – the students get to know the structure of the presentation, required vocabulary and commonly used expressions. During the training you will be instructed on how to deal with stress and how to enhance a verbal message by means of gestures.   

    Negotiations in English

If you want to improve your skills in conducting meetings and negotiations, ‘Negotiations in English’ is the course for you. The training includes the techniques of conducting business meetings and negotiations, argumentation vocabulary and the means to voice opinions.

    Survival English

This course will be of use for all those who travel on business or for pleasure. Traveling could be a real survival – our course provides the necessary guidelines.

    Vocabulary Bomb

Many learners of a foreign language experience difficulties related to acquiring and using vocabulary and expressions rather than grammar. The knowledge of the vocabulary determines the success of each student. The classes that we offer are a real vocabulary bomb. Recommended to all those who would like to improve in this respect.

Courses Abroad

A course abroad is an immersion course dedicated to business people, which is an ideal combination of leisure and active learning. The objective of the training is to acquire, consolidate and improve language skills necessary to advance professional careers. We organize courses for both individuals and groups, and their form is adjusted to the needs of the participant and employer. A real advantage to courses abroad is a break you get from everyday duties and dedicating your time to language learning.  Such an encounter with a foreign language is very effective and designed for people who have difficulty breaking the communication barrier.
The courses we recommend most are the ones in Great Britain. Learning in an English-speaking country is a guarantee of notable effects achieved in short time and of having a good time getting to know British culture and customs.