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Language audits

Language Competence Audit (LCA) should be of interest to your company if:

  • detailed and thorough assessment of language skills of your employees is important to you
  • persons dealing with recruitment want to check if the candidate for a given post meets specific language requirements
  • you are about to plan a maximally effective training schedule
  • you want to verify whether current training gives expected results

We offer LCA for English, French and German languages. Our tests enable reliable and thorough assessment of language skills from elementary level to a very advanced one.  Language audit enables the determination of strengths of a given person as well as areas which need to be developed. This information is included in a detailed report which will be delivered to you after completion of the audit.
Language Competence Audit consists in:

  • Grammar and vocabulary test
  • Listening comprehension test
  • Writing test
  • Speaking test