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Indispensable during business meetings, negotiations, business trips abroad as well as trainings carried out by foreign experts.  In this type of interpreting, the speaker makes a break every few sentences for the interpreter to interpret into the language of the listeners.  This option does not require renting an expensive equipment. Our interpreters have, apart from an excellent memory, a very good looking and perfect diction.
Type of interpreting used mostly in conference servicing. Each of the listeners has a headset and the interpreters (at least two) sitting in special cabins interpret live the text they hear.  Simultaneous interpreting is the most difficult type of interpreting and special pre-training is necessary.  Our specialists, apart from appropriate education and experience, have exceptional psychophysical predispositions which enable them to provide professional services in spite of stressful conditions.
In certain cases, whispering translation is also possible. The interpreter whispers his or her translation of the lecturer’s speech into the target language of a smaller group of people (4 maximum).  This type of interpreting is also used during business negotiations, especially if participated by partners from many countries.