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Teambuilding event with Online Business Simulation

Course objectives / Learning objectives

To break barriers of interpersonal relationships through group sessions, and to provide practical knowledge about effective strategic decision making, the power of teamwork and cooperation, as well as developing synergy and a good atmosphere among the participants.

Teambuilding event with Online Business Simulation

The simulation develops balanced teamwork, as every participant is equally important when it comes to making corporate decisions. The simulation focuses on team management, team building, and the individual’s roles within the team, as well as effective communication and shared problem solving. During the simulation, participants can be supplied additional tasks, such as presentations.

Topics covered

  • The importance of shared goals among participants
  • Team cohesion, utilizing individual abilities for the good of the team
  • Key factors of an effective team and an optimized performance
  • Solving internal conflicts among company departments
  • Development of communication and presentation skills
  • Building trust among participants

Participant Learning Outcomes

During the course the participants will:

  • Improve interpersonal communication, and learn how to communicate effectively within the team
  • Learn how to make efficient group decisions and learn how to effectively deal with time pressure in decision making
  • Appreciate each other’s roles in the group and understand the purpose and structure of a working team and the individual requirements which contribute to the team’s success
  • Develop effective decision making processes and understand how to solve problems within a team
  • Learn how to create a supporting and beneficial atmosphere in the team
  • Develop and practice presentation skills with additional tasks during the simulation
  • Strengthen the team dynamics and the development of the group

Who should attend?

This course is mainly designed for people who lead a team or is part of a team, or who are required
to be a team member, whether on corporate team or smaller groups of students at a business
school or university.

Suggested training outline

The following structure is suggested for the course:


  • Introduction to team functions and team development - (0,25-0,5 hour)
  • Introduction of the learning environment; explaining the rules of the simulation - (0,5 - 1 hour)
  • Setting the targets for the teams - (0,25 hour)
  • Competitive simulation exercise - (5-6 hours or 2 sessions of 3 hours if the trainer uses two different case studies)
  • During the simulation: exercises on focus topics (e.g. experiencing and overcoming resistance; communication exercises, presentation tasks)
  • Evaluation and feedback - (0,5 - 1 hour)

DAY 2 (optional)

  • Continuing a previously started simulation, or starting a new case study with different scenarios for problem solving and strategy making
  • Review of key learning points

Total time requirement: 1-2 days