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Digital Hygiene Training

Cyberspace is the next frontier for organized crime due to easy money, global scale and relative anonymity. Therefore, it is crucial you know how to be safe online.
The first thing that anyone involved in fighting cybercrime on a daily basis would say is that no organization is immune. Every year cyber-attacks are becoming more sophisticated and common, hence it is a significant challenge how to ensure that company’s security in a digital era, where employees’ ability to communicate via multiple devices puts an organization at greater risk of cyber-attack.
Fraudsters are using more and more advanced tricks, that is why security professionals and high level executives have to be one step ahead.

Value proposition:

  • Explore corporate security from a practical point of view;
  • Find out how to protect your company;
  • Get to know hacker’s tricks;
  • Strengthen your personal and corporate security.

Course Agenda:

  • Introduction.
  • Brief overview on cyber security issues and recent developments.
  • Reputation economy.
  • Stolen identities.
  • Cyber business fraud, e.g. CEO scams.
  • Spear phishing – hacking techniques and how your data can be used against you.
  • WiFi security.
  • How the theft of your device is a weakness (and a password-protected phone is useless).
  • Unsecured devices and networks.