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Open Source Intelligence (‘OSINT’) Training

OSINT (open source intelligence) is the dominant form of intelligence, both for Governments and Business Entities. The “digital trail” that people and legal entities are leaving behind in the (semi-) public sphere is growing exponentially.  Being familiar with the dynamics of virtual world, its challenges and opportunities will add value to your daily research activities. The lightning-fast pace of the transformation of the digital world means that open source researchers do not yet regularly use most of the current best practices. Constant training on the evolution of OSINT is a necessity. Our approach to training will save you and your company time and money, as well as improve your productivity and efficiency. Adapting our training will differentiate you from the competition.

Value proposition:

  • Become an expert in OSINT – Open Source Intelligence;
  • Master innovative search techniques;
  • Find out how to navigate the expanding virtual  world;
  • Learn how to „cover your tracks” when doing OSINT search;
  • Save time and money on external consultants.

Course Agenda:

  • Open source: a quick review of what is out there.
  • Data creation: its implications and how to navigate this.
  • How your data is exploited
  • Describing the social media landscape.
  • Describing the “deep web.”
  • Spear phishing: how your data can be used against you.
  • Investigating: techniques for gathering intelligence in litigation support and transactions.
  • How to be (more) secure online.
  • Techniques for covering your tracks when doing OSINT