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How do we organize language trainings for you?

Before the training starts:

  • We present our offer which includes all important information on the course being planned
  • We organize placement tests which check the language level of potential participants.
  • We analyze the language needs of our future participants
  • We divide participants into groups
  • We choose appropriate training materials

During training:

  • For our Clients, we prepare monthly reports on the attendance of the participants in classes
  • Classes are systematically inspected
  • We organize meetings with the teachers conducting classes for a given Client
  • We check the progress of participants via semester tests
  • We monitor the satisfaction level of participants by making phone calls to them
  • We carry out final tests

After the training:

  • We prepare individual progress reports summing up participants’ achievements
  • We carry out satisfaction questionnaires. We issue certificates confirming course completion.

Placement tests:

A group of qualified auditors will meet you, at the time and place convenient to you, to conduct tests checking competence level. It will enable us forming of groups of the same level of competence. To that purpose, we use the tool called Quick Placement Test which is used to reliably assess language skills.

Language needs:

Prepared by a group of professionals, thorough Analysis of Language Needs (ALN) of our future participants enables us to design the course in the manner which perfectly matches the needs of each group. Indicated training goals and needs will help us choose appropriate training materials and a selection of appropriate tasks and exercises developing the skills of our students.

Training materials

All training materials used are elaborated and selected by a team of methodologists from our school. Materials are selected on the basis of an earlier analysis of the language needs and the language level determined by the test. We make use of textbooks of reputed language publishers and of various additional materials. We put every effort to make our classes effective and interesting.

Report on participants' attendance

At the end of each month we prepare an attendance list for our Clients. Good attendance and regularity are critical factors for the learning process results.

Class inspections

Out of concern for the quality of the services provided by us and the satisfaction of our Clients, the methodologist team carries out regular inspections of classes. It gives us both the full control of the teaching process and thorough assessment of the quality of the classes conducted. Methodologists observations are then the basis for periodic interviews and preparing training tracks for the teachers

Final tests

Before the end of each semester we carry out semester tests based on which we assess the progress of the course participants. Both half-year and final tests are the sources of valuable information which enables us to reliably determine the language level of course participants, their motivation and involvement.

Individual reports

On completion of each semester the students receive a comprehensive report on their progress. Additionally, the report contains individual guidelines concerning further learning as well as areas which should be concentrated on.